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Build a Powerhouse Team
Finding and Hiring Top Performers

Learn how $25 million agencies hire & retain top talent, and how you can, too.

This won’t be theory, it reveals what two leading insurance agencies have done to find the right candidates, hire them, nurture them in culture and compensation, and grow them into powerful producers.

Learn trends in hiring, remote work, compensation. Discover best practices for job boards, interviewing, and hiring to find the best and keep them happy and producing.

11:30 a.m. Eastern Tuesday, Feb. 21

Hiring has challenges beyond hours and pay. Hear how top agencies are adjusting to new realities to recruit and hire people who will stay and make a contribution to your agency's sucess. 

Olde School Marketing VP Makaila Kelsey hosts the session.

Andy Arter

Team Hired


Makaila Kelsey

Olde School Marketing

How Top Performers Convert Calls to Sales

If you missed the live session, view the recording here.

The session has an added bonus of presenting a brief look at the new 12th Man lead generation system that integrates real time data, real-time consumer search, and more into a lead flow.

Joseph Puckett
Makaila Kelsey
Peter Pace