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Keisha Tuttle

"One of the biggest things I'm passionate about is the staff, we are all such a big family, we all care and look out for each other."
~Keisha Tuttle

Keisha Tuttle comes from a background in Law Enforcement where she was a 911 Dispatch Shift Manager for three years. She joined the Olde School Marketing family where she took on the Billing & Accounting Specialist position.

Keisha says that when it comes to working for Olde School Marketing, we love to make each other laugh, and we all love watching the growth not only in individuals but as a group as well.

We all have our own personal hype team, she explained. She is a valued employee with a bubbly personality that will cheer you up on your worst day.

Keisha was born and raised in Berryville. She continues to live in her hometown with her family.

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