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Real Estate Agents Depend on It..


Need Help Getting Phones to Ring?

Direct Mail Works...

  • Full-service, direct mail marketing gets leads.

  • Handwritten, personalized mailers connect emotionally to build trust and 

  • Powerful data services prequalify 

  • Greeting card subscriptions connect by heart.

Here's how you do it:
Call: (870) 505-6580
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Stay Top of Mind

In slow markets, being first to connect with prospects is critical.

Handwritten direct mail builds awareness, creates relationship and generates leads.

Consistency & Engagement Win

Prospects buy from those they know, those they like, and those they trust.

Staying in touch means they will remember and they will call.

Software Programmer

Here's how you do it:
Call: (870) 505-6580
Questions? Connect

How We Grow Your Business..

We build on your goals:
  - Listen to understand
Target your best customers and neighborhoods:
  - Those you relate to and who relate to you
Create strategies to connect with them:
  - Provide powerful connection that gets calls

Show You're the Expert!

Real estate marketing is as much about you as what you’re selling. It’s not all about listings, it’s about trust, relationship, and clients knowing who you are.

It’s about telling your own story to connect and answer the question, “Are you the right person to guide me into a sale or purchase?”

Direct mail is often the first impression a prospect sees. We use formats proven effective over the years, enhanced with your personal branding and messaging that sets you apart and gets you connected.

Creative Strategies Connect You to Leads!

Olde School Marketing gives you the right strategy for your budget and your goals.

We help build your brand in design, format, and prospect targeting to get you leads.
Love letter
Be First to Connect!
Only $25 for 25 handwritten mailers!
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