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San Francisco

California Real Estate Agents at Risk!

Are you protected?

Critical Liability Coverage  Ends Dec. 31

Time's Running Out:

  Urgent: Get affordable grandfathered protection!  

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  • An exclusive limited program for California real estate professionals ends Dec. 31.

  • Agents may get grandfathered coverage. But you must act now.

  • Affordable protections end soon.

Criminal incidents


Errors and omissions

Other risks not covered currently

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  • Cyber protection in business relationships

  • Cyber attacks, wire fraud, data breaches, payment fraud, and more

  • Employment related risks hiring, firing, and defending alleged discrimination

  • Non-owned & hired auto liability

Technology-related losses harm not only your finances but also your professional reputation and business relationships.


  • Protect yourself, your company, and your customers against data breaches, losses, and fraud.

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IBM Cost of a Data Breach Report 2022:

  • 83% of organizations have multiple breaches

  • 60% of breaches led to price increases.

  • 19% of breaches occurred because of a compromise at a business partner.

Put a Firewall Against Cybersecurity Financial Loss

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