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Make Your 4th Quarter Count

Get Enough Leads to Make Q4 and Your Bonus
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At the Office


  • Invest big now in time, resources, and marketing. Don’t skimp. Pull out all the stops for a stellar fourth quarter and set you and your team up for success

  • Ensure customer lists are organized, categorized, and clean

  • Plan strategy, marketing, and messaging

  • Schedule your marketing and lead generation and how you will follow up and close

  • Create a solid and compelling message and offer

  • Encourage your team with clear goals, tasks, and a celebration at the end


  • Send marketing early and send often

  • Use direct mail and email

  • Narrow promotions to customer types and demographics, not shotgun blasts

  • Capture prospect data into your CRM or database

  • Follow up with calls

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Fun with Guitar


  • Celebrate your efforts through the campaign and at the end to create optimism and positivity

  • Provide a reward for the goal

  • Enjoy the journey and helping customers

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Phone: 870-505-6580

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