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Welcome PublicSq

We are aligned in values and beliefs
Free enterprise, family, and constitutional liberty

Our purpose: Generate leads that bring you sales

 Insurance, real estate, financial advisors, roofers/construction, auto dealerships

  • We come alongside and scale your marketing & leads

  • Our handwritten mailers have the highest open rates

  • You get best response rates, inbound calls

  • Fill your pipeline with targeted leads

  • Greeting card subscription means you're always in touch on special occasions, expirations, and more

Build a direct-mail strategy targeted to your prequalified prospects & customers

Our handwritten mailers are written by humans

Handwritten mailers build interest, trust, relationship

Send emotional connection, not robot labels

We hire veterans, seniors, students, disabled, and others to provide meaningful jobs and integrity

A greeting card subscription ensures prospects and customers hear from you in fresh, emotional, and authentic ways.

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Build Your Success Pipeline

Thank You! Let's get some leads!

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