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Try New Proactive Hiring Tactic

Contact hunkered-down candidates directly with personal letters

Finding job candidates among an increasingly dwindling source pool can be frustrating when you want to hit sales quotas and grow your agency. In a world of data and precision direct mail, you can be more proactive connecting with just the right people.

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Personalized direct mail can be a recruitment tool.

Talk of recession and economic uncertainty hampers potential candidates’ desire to change jobs. Many decide to hunker down and not actively seek a job change, even though they would like a better job. One survey of 2,500 employees found 40% of employees would put job hunting on hold indefinitely or until economic recovery. Another 23% said they would not look for new opportunities at all in a recession.

Inflation is also affecting job movement and candidate availability. The top reason employees said they would consider a job change in the next year was better pay (33%), followed by no pay increases where they’re working now (27%). The study revealed nearly 20% of respondents were not confident they could find a job in the current economic circumstances. Confidence levels in finding a new job dropped from the highest rate of 79% to the lowest ever reported, 67%.

It's all part of the “quiet quitting” phenomenon: the just getting by because there isn’t opportunity for advancement, companies aren’t treating employees well, and nothing seems to be working anyway.

More important for sales professions is finding the right person who will contribute to your production and stay and grow with the company.

A New Recruitment Strategy

According to a “Gallup State of the American Workplace Report”, job seekers check out a company’s website first (77%) when looking for a job. But getting candidates to the website can be a challenge if they don’t know about your company or that you’re hiring.

Small businesses can spend major amounts of money listing positions on job boards, buying ads, and funding other recruitment strategies. One strategy to make recruiting more effective is to prequalify the type of candidates you’re looking for and send them a letter.

That might sound strange, but consumer data today can identify key prospects by the variables you’re looking for, such as profession, income, geography, and personal interests.

If candidates are hunkering down, this connects you directly without them having to seek out employers. It sparks possibility in them knowing you’re actively seeking someone and that you’ve already done some screening.

You directly connect with a broader range of possible candidates who may be looking or who want a better job. The job comes to them, saving them time and letting them know the option is available with a phone call or email.

Handwritten Makes It Personal

If you use our handwritten mailers, it adds a personal touch to get the job notice opened and read. Handwritten mailers have higher open rates than machine-labeled or ink-jetted envelopes.

Using a letter gives you space to promote your company, your culture, and the benefits of working with you.

Most available data include names of recipients, allowing you to personalize your mail and your letter.


When you calculate what it costs to hire somebody today, direct mail is an affordable option that helps you focus on the type of team members you want to find, inform them about your openings and your company, and encourage them to call.

Direct mail and consumer data prequalify your candidates by key factors that demonstrate performance, such as homeownership, automobile ownership, family and marital status, and other factors that demonstrate individual achievements and capabilities that align with candidate types you seek.

Spruce Up Your Careers Page

Job candidates look up a company’s “about” and “job” website pages to learn more about the positions available and get a sense of what your company is like. Direct mail letters should link to these pages to introduce you and your company to candidates.

Take time to show what it’s like working with your company, the benefits, and the culture. Will they find that you listen to your team, provide opportunities for career advancement, help your team members be the best they can be? These are factors that help attract and hire quality people.

If you know the type of person you would like to recruit, let us help you set up a candidate list and a direct-mail strategy that will reach them and get them to call.


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