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New OSM Webinars Help Agencies Grow

2nd in series shows new trends to convert calls to cash

Drama and trauma are changing the insurance industry. The times have changed, have you?

2023 will be a watershed year. Are you and your team ready to open the flood gates and grow? Consumers will be shopping when they receive premium rate hikes, reduced coverages, and official notices from distant corporate headquarters. Are you ready to meet the challenges and help your team win?

Inbound calls are crucial contacts that make or break your agency. They represent interested prospects, and you can save them a lot of grief by the way you handle calls. Even nasty calls from frantic customers and prospects can be turned to build relationships and sales with a few proven techniques you don’t get in sales school.

The second in an ongoing series, “How Top Performers Convert Calls to Sales” will reveal effective techniques and tips to convert frantic callers. Training will emphasize selling on value, not price. There are key moments when agents can preempt objections, overcome attitudes, and connect emotionally to turn calls to cash.

The webinar 3 p.m. Eastern Tuesday, Jan. 24, is part of a new series of training and resources hosted by Olde School Marketing to help your agency grow. The series features experts and leaders in key success disciplines. From sales skills to using consumer data, hiring, training, and more, these free webinars are designed to grow your agency and make agents top-producers.

This second webinar in the series is in cooperation with Joseph Puckett, co-founder of Craig Wiggins Coaching and a leader whose agency produces 100+ policies per agent monthly. Olde School Marketing VP Makaila Goines and Chief Strategy Officer Peter Pace also will help bring to life simple techniques that turn calls into sales.

You will discover new trends that help you coordinate marketing and your sales process to boost leads and sales.

This session not only gives you inspirational insights but also supporting tools and scripts to help you and any of your agents take calls and close them or make calls and close them. Take notes and screenshots of insider techniques and use them to grow.

You will grow your agency by closing more calls.


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