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Handwriting Makes A Difference

Updated: May 9, 2022

Here at Olde School Marketing, we specialize in an “old school” way of marketing. Hand addressed envelopes!

So why does handwriting matter, you ask? Why should you invest in direct mail?

Mailer, envelope, pen, coffee cup and Olde School logo.

First things first...

a Handwritten envelope shows a personal touch. The lead thinks you took time out of your day to hand-address an envelope specifically for them.

Your clients get postcards every single day, and you want to send them something that sets you apart from everyone else. Sending them a hand-addressed letter does just that!

Mail flying out of a mailbox.

Make it one of a kind...

Hand addressed envelopes not only show that you are one of a kind, but they also increase open rates! With an envelope that looks like it came from grandma, your message will without a doubt get in front of a seeing eye. And speaking of grandma, hand-addressed envelopes provide jobs to hundreds of people who wouldn’t have one if it wasn’t for you! From stay-at-home moms, retired veterans, and yes…even grandmas. 😊

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