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It's Not Just a Thank You Card

Handwritten marketing is part of brand statement and promise

Gracefully Yours is a leading greeting card company that has built its reputation on helping people celebrate life and personal connection. In business, handwritten marketing makes an impact.

writing with a fountain pen
Handwritten notes have impact

Founded by Rick and Carla Tocquingy in 2009, the company has grown on the belief that the gift of a handwritten card or note is one of the best ways to help others navigate life’s ups and downs.

Rick and Carla offer these insights into the power of thank-you cards, especially in business:

  1. Personalization: Personalization is essential to make customers feel valued and appreciated. Use the customer's name and reference specific interactions or purchases to show that the message is tailored to them.

  2. Genuine- authentic gratitude: The message should convey genuine gratitude and appreciation for the customer's support and loyalty. Avoid generic or automated messages, and instead, use heartfelt language to express sincere thanks. We can help with that language.

  3. Branding: Incorporate the company's branding elements, such as the logo, colors, and fonts, to maintain consistency and reinforce brand recognition. This helps customers associate gratitude with the business.

  4. Conciseness: Keep the message concise and to the point. Thank-you cards should be brief and easy to read, ensuring customers can quickly understand and appreciate the sentiment expressed.

  5. Clear and legible text: Use a font size and style that is easy to read. Consider that generally eyesight is waning due to computer/cell phone time. Clear and legible text allows customers to easily understand your message without any confusion.

  6. Quality materials: Use 300 gsm (grams per square meter – about 190-pound paper) textured cardstock for thank-you cards. Material quality reflects the value your business places on customers, making the card feel special and memorable. Use ecru color to match the elite quality of 100-percent cotton crane paper. The off-white color represents neutrality, dependability, and trust, experts say, because it's simple and unpretentious.

  7. Handwritten or personalized touch: Personalizing thank-you cards with handwritten notes or messages is the ultimate unique selling proposition. Handwritten elements add a personal touch and demonstrate that the message is not generic.

  8. Subtle call to action: Include a subtle call-to-action in your thank you card, such as inviting the customer to leave a review, follow the business on social media, or refer others to the business. This can help encourage further engagement and loyalty.

  9. Send frequently: Send thank you cards promptly after the customer's interaction or purchase. Timeliness is important to ensure that the gratitude is relevant and timely, leaving a positive impression on the customer.

Create meaningful and effective thank you cards that leave a lasting impression on clients. It fosters loyalty and strengthens the customer-business relationship.

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