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Hand Writer of the Month Named

Olde School Marketing named Peggy Butterbaugh as the September Hand Writer of the Month. She was selected for her hard work, reliability, and integrity.

Photo of Peggy Butterbaugh
Peggy Butterbaugh is Hand Writer of the Month for Olde School Marketing.

Peggy is always busy and loves her handwriting duties that give her work flexibility and the sense of a job well done. It also allows her to spend more time with her grandchildren.

She and her husband of 51 years, Richard, run a building and construction company and operate a craft farm raising poultry and cattle.

The Hand Writer of the Month program helps recognize a few of the many people it takes to provide the human touch to direct mail marketing. Such personalization is especially valuable for agents, agencies, small businesses, and others who want to build trust and relationship with their clients -- not just sell something.

Handwritten mail is a unique service but is very powerful for small companies. One of the reasons is that handwritten mail gets opened.

Thank you, Peggy for your hard work helping Olde School Marketing succeed at a very difficult task.

See Peggy's story here.

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