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Craig Wiggins Coaching

Craig Wiggins Coaching

Hall-of-Fame insurance agents Craig Wiggins and Joseph Puckett built Craig’s agency into a powerhouse producing more than $40 million in annual premium before founding Craig Wiggins Coaching in 2017.

Today, Craig Wiggins Coaching serves sales and service agents from their agencies plus other top agency owners, licensed service professionals, and special guests from across the United States. The company’s CWC On-Demand virtual training platform offers important courses plus live webinars and events to train, inform, and create community among industry professionals.

The co-founders have expressed they truly want to transform agencies and the lives of agency owners and team members to build thriving businesses. Their training is broad based extending to staff, operations, hiring, and business documents, including agency handbooks, compensation plans, and more.

The training teaches exact scripts, talk paths, processes, and resources that transformed Craig’s agencies. The team serves more than 1,500 agencies and more than 10,000 individuals to help each team member reach full potential.

Joseph leads live weekly training of CWC member agencies and personally mentors hundreds of agency owners and team members involved in his elite-level programs.



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