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Meet the Team

Rusty Dycus


"I'm personally passionate about assisting Small Business owners market and grow their companies. Today, that means innovation and creativity."
~Rusty Dycus

Tracy Holmes

Vice President of Sales

“I love and am passionate about growing and cultivating a confident, caring and passionate sales team. We serve with confidence and integrity."
~ Tracy Holmes

Linda Mock

Direct Mail Operations Manager

"I love keeping things in order and I love my hand writers and coworkers. We have a bond we love to share with friends and clients."
~Linda Mock

Hanz Dycus

Direct Mail Operations & Hiring Manager

“My absolute favorite part of my job is being able to spend my time with an amazing and hilarious team!”
~Hanz Dycus

Makaila Kelsey

Vice President

"I love creating unique marketing strategies for each company! Every marketing strategy is different for every agency.
~Makaila Kelsey

Peter Pace

Executive Sales Manager

"I enjoy developing strategic solutions to business challenges, then executing ideas to accomplish the company and client goals."
~Peter Pace

Keisha Tuttle

Billing & Accounting

"One of the biggest things I'm passionate about is the staff, we are all such a big family, we all care and look out for each other."
~Keisha Tuttle

Mia Espinoza

Part Time Folding Machine Operator

"It feels like a family here and I wouldn’t change it my decision to work here for anything,"
~Mia Espinoza

Matt Caldwell

Vice President of Sales & Marketing

"I love being a part of something larger that makes a difference. I love that everyone cares and that you have flexibility when needed,"
~Matt Caldwell

Ashley Hinton

Director of Business Development

"I love working with Olde School Marketing because I get to be part of something that blesses so many people, both our team and clients."
~Ashley Hinton

Ben Miller

Stamp & Fold Machine Operator

"I enjoy being able to work somewhere where there are great people who work hard but still know how to have fun too!"
~Ben Miller

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