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Want to Become a Handwriter?

What does that mean as a Hand Writer?
(Basic Steps)

  1. Be assigned a day (Mon-Thurs) 

  2. On assigned day you will pick up your tray and take it home

  3. Adress the provided envelops with the information from the mailers

  4. Seal each envelope

  5. Bring back seven (7) days later, on your assigned day

  6. Repeat from Step 2, on 

About the Role

We employ those who have a desire to work from home.  The job requires you to address and stuff envelopes; you set your own hours and do your mailers at whatever time of the day you wish. We ask that you complete the mailers in the proper time frame and have them returned by the time you are scheduled to pick up your next tray of mailers. We employ everyday people from the stay-at-home parents, college students, retired individuals, veterans, or people just looking to make a little extra money to supplement their income.  


  • -Hand writers must live within an approximate 30-mile radius.

  • -Must have reliable transportation and/or a dependable representative to pick-up for you.

  • -Must be neat and orderly. Work in a clean environment

  • -Must have neat and legible handwriting 

  • -Must be able to follow directions 

  • -Must be able to deliver your finished mailers on time. ALL mailers are time sensitive. 

Apply Now!

Feel Free to stop by and put in your application. We would love to meet you!

Olde School Marketing

202 Public Square  

Berryville, AR 72616

School Application
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