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Build authenticity and relationships


With neat and legible penmanship, handwritten Direct Mail shows you took time to send something special and personal.

Customers know you put extra effort into what you’re sending them, so it must be important. Something clicks in their minds when they see imperfect, undigitized writing on envelopes. When address lines aren't perfectly straight, or ink is smudged a little, it becomes authentic, and it makes customers feel they are your most valued clients because you took the time to write. They like it!

Why Handwritten?

Handwritten Direct Mail stands out above Digital Marketing because it demonstrates that you —not a machine – are dealing directly with your customer. It’s an important detail to build authentic, long-lasting relationships with prospects and customers. Digital Marketing plays a key role in modern marketing campaigns by expanding reach and convenience but using digital- and handwritten-marketing strategies creates a combination that can't be beat!

If you’re seeking new tactics to rocket your company's marketing ROI, give old-school handwritten direct mail a test and see for yourself.

Benefits of Handwritten Direct Mail Marketing

  • Improves return rates

  • Touches potential customers with tangible media

  • Holds customers’ attention longer

  • Keeps you top of mind with postcards, letters, flyers, mailers, and other printed materials that support your branding and messaging

  • Offers higher awareness and brand identity to improve re-purchase and customer-retention rates

  • Directly connects with customers to boost lead generation

Handwritten Greeting Cards

Sending a relevant and tasteful greeting card, handwritten inside and out, adds a new dimension to your direct mail.


Think of your prospects receiving a greeting-card sized, handwritten envelop with their name on it. Of course, they will open it, but even more for you, they will see a personal message with a handwritten signature that will connect on a deeper emotional level. Whether a special occasion greeting, a thank you, or a reminder, a signed greeting card carries connection and interaction that most communications don’t.


How Do We Do It?

We built a team of students, stay-at-home moms, veterans, disabled people, and others to hand address envelopes used in your direct mail campaigns. Our extended team network clearly writes names and addresses from your selected lists to ensure a sense of personalization and authenticity that ink jet and labels just can’t.

  • We plan, schedule, and support your campaigns by meeting launch dates, geographic zones, customer types and more.

  • We share our nearly 80 years of marketing experience to ensure your mailings work


Learn more: Free analysis and see handwritten mailer results

Handwritten Mail Grabs Attention

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