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Greeting Cards Add a Human Touch and a Caring Message

Greeting Cards Make an Emotional Difference

Don’t miss opportunities to connect with customers and prospects on new levels with simple, signed, direct-mail greeting cards. Olde School Marketing specializes in this old-school technique that enables you to connect but adds new-school efficiency: no time-consuming effort to organize, sign, stamp, and send greeting cards.

Think of your prospects receiving a greeting-card sized, handwritten envelop with their name on it. Of course, they will open it, but even more for you, they will see a personal message with a handwritten signature that will connect on a deeper emotional level. Whether a special occasion greeting, a thank you, or a reminder, a signed greeting card carries connection and interaction that most communications don’t.

Seeing it’s from you always means more when making presentations and closing the sale. Friendliness and relationship make the process easier by removing defensive barriers of mistrust, uncertainty, or misunderstood motives. Greeting cards are a good way to overcome those unspoken barriers by showing you care.

Olde School Marketing’s subscription service ensures your prospects and customers aren’t forgotten and lets them know you’re thinking of them at important times in their lives.


Like job candidates who do send “thank you” cards when most don’t, you will stand out and be a contender.

  • Handwritten cards connect
  • They add a personal touch 
  • Make special occasions special
  • Just say "Thank You"
  • Show you care
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