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Blue Skies

Consumer Data

Finding your way to customers with speed, accuracy, and fast ROI



Understand who your customer is by demographic, life stage, interests, etc., then create a data collection of people who represent that.

Graphic Shapes

Analyze & Assess

Develop strategy and materials focused on your goals. Formulate targeted customer segments and create supporting data to reach them.



Execute campaigns in most effective, affordable ways to maximize speed, response, quality lead generation, and sales results.

Get Real-Time Data for Optimum Success

  • Proprietary data compilation and delivery platform

  • Real-time data updated hourly

  • Centralized data hubs gather from 60,000 websites weekly, adds 550,000 new records daily, updates 3,000 addresses daily

  • Target specific business and consumer customer types

  • Deliver to likely customers identified by multiple data points

  • Neighborhood statistics that tell your customers' stories

Good Data Means Precise, Effective Messaging That Gets Response

  • Create relevant messages that resonate with prospects

  • Compete on relationship and lifestyle, not price

  • Fashion the right message at the right time to build calls, traffic, and sales

  • Match products and services to qualified customers

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