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Peggy Butterbaugh

Peggy has been married for 51 years to Richard, and has two daughters and six grandchildren.

Amanda Shrader

Amanda Shrader, the May 2022 Olde School Marketing Handwriter of the Month, is an urban farmer and entrepreneur, loving the remote workstyle and lifestyle.

April Keithley

April is, like her favorite shirt says, a girl who runs on Jesus and horses. She loves crafting handwritten direct mail and she loves horses.

Heather McLoud

Heather is a paraprofessional at Green Forest Middle School. A mother of two sons, she also mentors as a pageant coach with Ms. Heather's Pageant Girls.

Meagan Curbow

Megan is Certified Nursing Assistant for PRN Medical Services & Home Helpers. She loves taking care of others and making them smile.

Hand Writer All Stars

To accomplish the ability to create personalized mail, greeting cards, postcards, and other mailers, Olde School Marketing must have a reliable team of hard-working, dedicated hand-writers who love what they do.

We recruit and hire people who want flexible schedules and are willing to take the time to be neat and professional in their writing and writing styles. Cursive writing is becoming a lost art because of computers and digital communications, but people still love to receive mail with handwritten addressing and handwritten notes and signatures.

Meet some of our outstanding team members who bring the authentic human touch to Olde School Marketing mailers.

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