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We are a promotional product marketplace that helps other companies or campaigns promote their branding. Companies and individuals alike can add their logo to gifts and other items.


The main benefit of working with a company that can design and distribute a promotional product is that we can do it all for you. Why hassle with designing your own product (and the headache that comes with creating your own artwork) when we have a designer who can work with you and the specifications that you have envisioned for your merchandise?


. There are several other benefits to working with us, such as:

  • It magnifies your brand’s visibility

  • Increase your customer retention

  • Lead generation- identifying and cultivating potential customers

  • Branded merch is a cost-effective marketing strategy

  • Develop a trusted customer relationship

  • Long-term brand exposure for your business 


With Olde School Marketing you can get your business, campaign, or whatever you want to be showcased out there to your masses with ease and the comfort of knowing that we are doing the heavy lifting for you.

What makes Promotional Products Right For Your Brand?

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