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If the penmanship is neat and legible, Handwritten Direct Mail appears to the client as if you took time out of your busy schedule just to send them something special. The customer feels that if you put extra effort into what you are sending them, then this must be important! Something clicks in our minds when we see the imperfect, undigitized font on an envelope, maybe it's because the address lines aren't perfectly straight, or maybe the ink is smudged a little, but it makes them feel as though they are your most valued customer, and they like it!

Some believe that snail mail is a thing of the past and that digital marketing is the wave of the future, but one thing that makes Handwritten Direct Mail stand out above Digital Marketing, is that Handwritten Direct marketing still plays an important role in building long-lasting relationships with prospects and existing customers, because YOU are directly dealing with your customer. But don't forget that Digital Marketing still plays a key role in your marketing campaign, and with both marketing strategies at your disposal, you'll have a combination that can't be beaten!

Through our marketing campaigns, we generally aim to target a large group of people with a simple eye-catching message to convert your potential clients into paying customers!

There is no doubt that marketing...any marketing, is essential for growth in your business, but if you are looking for a new avenue to rocket your company's ROI, you should definitely give Handwritten Direct Mail a try!

Here are 5 benefits of Handwritten Direct Mail:

  • Hand written Mail presents the potential customer with something tangible

  • Direct Mail marketing can hold the attention of the customer for a long time.

  • Postcards, letters, flyers, mailers, and other printed materials act as branding sources.

  • It offers a high re-purchase and customer retention rate.  And...

  • Directly connects with customers and boosts lead generation.

Why is Handwritten Direct Mail so important to your company's growth?

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