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Direct Mail Fulfillment-How we do it

We, here at Olde School Marketing, are dedicated to the Direct Mail Fulfillment process and the preparation of getting your printed materials ready for distribution and mailing. Printed materials come in different sizes, shapes, and forms. Some of the most common types of mailers you can see in our mail fulfillment services are:

  • Postcards

  • Brochures

  • Flyers

  • Letters

  • Greeting Cards

Fulfillment is the last stage of your Direct Mail Marketing campaign. Your personalized mailer is folded by our employees with our state-of-the-art folding machines, then shipped home with our large crew of hand writers who hand address, fill, and seal each and every envelope for you. Once our hand writers return your mailers to us, one of our hard-working employees feeds your mailers through a stamping machine that stamps your envelopes with real postage stamps.



Our postcards are designed, printed, trimmed, and delivered to the post office right here by our talented group of designers and print operators.


Your brochures are designed, folded, packaged by us, then sent directly to you! We design your brochure to fit your need, either for your business, or we can even design an entire political campaign for you with our brochures as the icing on the cake.

Letters and Flyers:

Our flyers and letters are designed here and then sent out in our Hand addressed envelopes.

Greeting Cards:

We hand-write a message inside your greeting card for you, and then hand address, stuff, seal, stamp, and mail them out to your mailing list for you.


Watch these short videos of  how we operate:

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